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 Kubilay Kaptan

Disaster Education, Application and Research Center, Department of Civil Engineering,

Aydin University, Turkey


The paradigm change happened in disaster management hypothesis and pattern over the last decades. Till some decades ago, cataclysms were considered as one-off cases and replied by governances and relief agencies without taking into account the social and economical significances and reasons of these cases. With fundamental progress in our apprehension of the activities that underlie the dangerous cases, another technocratic paradigm derived into account that conceived that the ?sole method to manage with cataclysms was by national policy application of geophysical and technology cognition?. These advances dealt with cataclysms as particular cases, not associated with the progress in social and developmental procedures.

Across the five decades by the 1960s to the 2000s, there was an exponential growth in man and material deprivations from disaster cases, although there was no acquit manifest that the relative frequency of immoderate hazard cases had expanded. This argued that the ascending in disasters and their aftermaths were associated with the rise in the vulnerability of people entirely across the globe caused from the man ascertained way of evolution.

This article distinguishes vulnerability, vulnerability analysis and a vulnerability framework for an applicable hazard mitigation actions for hazards.


Keyword:   disaster, vulnerability, hazard, framework, mitigation,

Abstract  Introduction   Vulnerability    Analysis   Conclusions   References


Date of Publication of this paper: 04 April 2012      Comments open till: 04 October 2012

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