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Profile of Kubilay Kaptan

Dr. Kubilay Kaptan recieved his Ph.D. in civil engineering from Bogazici University, Turkey after getting his Bachelor from Istanbul Technical University and Masters from Bogazici University, His research area is disaster management which is reflected in his publications, At present he is a faculty member of civil engineering department of Istanbul Aydin University.

Some of his published articles are given below:

  • Bal, I. E., Kaptan, K., Tezcan, S.S., and Gulay, G., (2008), ?P25 Scoring Method for a Preliminary Assessment of Collapse Vulnerability of Reinforced Concrete Buildings,? Engineering Structure,

  • Tezcan, S.S., Altın, S., Kaptan, K., (2008), ?Dynamic Analysis and Full Scale Testing of Suspension Bridges?, (June 2008)

  • Tezcan, S.S., and Kaptan, K. (2007), ?Earthquake Risk Management and P25- scoring technique for determining the collapse vulnerability of R/C buildings?, Uluslararası Yapı-Deprem Konferansı, Internatinal Workshop on Measures for the Prevention of Total Collapse of Existing Low-Rise Strucutures, A collaborative work of STEEL and ELSA, November 19-20, 2007, stanbul Technical University, stanbul, Turkiye

  • Erkal, A., Kaptan, K. and Tezcan, S., (2007), ?Seismic Base Isolation and Energy Absorbing Devices? , proceedings of the ECOMMAS Thematic Conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering M. Papadrakakis, D.C. Charmpis, N.D. Lagaros, Y. Tsompanakis (eds.) Rethymno, Crete, Greece, 13-16 June 2007, Institute of Structural Analysis and Seismic Research National Technical University of Athens Zografou Campus, Athens 15780, Greece,

  • Tezcan, S. S., Kaptan, K., Bal, .E., (2005), ?Zero Loss of Life During Earthquakes?, Proceedings, EE-21C Conference, Skopje/Ohrid,Macedonia, 27 August ? 1 September, 2005,Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology IZIIS, University ?Ss. Cyril and Methodius?, Skopje 73, Salvador Aliende St., P.O. Box 101, Skopje 1000, Republic of Macedonia. Also, Proceeding of 11th International Symposium of MASE Ohrid, 28-30 Seprember, 2005, Macedoian Association of Structural Engineers, Faculty of Civil Engineering, ul. Partizanski Odredi br. 24 P.O. Box, 560, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, pp. 381-388.

  • Tezcan, S.S., and Kaptan, K., G?rsoy, M., (2002), ?Zero loss of life during a future earthquake?, Engineering Structures, Wien, Austria

  • Tezcan, S.S., and Kaptan, K., (1998), ? Recommendations for Report Writing ?, and ?Skills in Oral Presentations?, Gen? Mezunlara ?g?tler Kitabı, Edit?r: Semih Tezcan, Yesim Baysal, Neslihan Kalaycı, s. 58-81, Marmara ?niversitesi Teknoloji Vakfı Yayını, T?rkan Matbaası, stanbul, Mayıs 1998

  • Tezcan, S.S., Kaptan, B.K., ?A Submerged Floating Tunnel Proposal for the Gibraltar Crossing,? Proceedings of the IV. International Colloquium on the Gibraltar Strait, Sevilla, Spain, 16-18 May 1995, pp.347-356,

Dr. Kubilay Kaptan's latest article in Civil Engineering Horizon


Keyword:   disaster, vulnerability, factors, framework, mitigation,

Abstract  Introduction   Vulnerability    Analysis   Conclusions   References


Date of Publication of this paper: 04 April 2012      Comments open till: 04 October 2012

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