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Gbenga Matthew AYININUOLA?S Profile

G.M. Ayininuola is lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Ibadan, Ibadan Nigeria.  Currently, he is the Departmental Undergraduate Coordinator.  He graduated with B.Sc. (1st Class Honours) in Civil Engineering from the University.  He has an M.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Ibadan.  He is a member of Nigerian Society of Engineers; and a Registered Engineer with Council for the Registration of Engineering in Nigeria.  His areas of specialisation have been Structural, Foundation, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering.  Finally, his research focus has been on failure of engineering structures and impact of contaminants on soils, concretes, bricks, blocks, mortal, etc. that features in his ten publications.

Other publications by the author

1)  Ayininuola, G.M. and Mustapha, H. (2005): Our Environment and Refuse: Olorunda Local Government Area Osogbo as a case study In: Environmental Sustainability and   Conservation in Nigeria, Okoko, E., Adekunle, V.A. and S.A. Adeduntan (Editors); Environmental Conservation and Research Team, Federal University of Technology,  Akure Nigeria pp 97 ? 102. Nigeria.  

2) Ayininuola, G.M. and Olalusi, O.O. (2004): Assessment of Building Failures in Nigeria:

  Lagos and Ibadan case study. African Journal of Science and Technology 5(1): 73 ? 78.  Kenya

3) Ayininuola, G.M. and Popoola, M.O. (2004): Physical and Chemical Hazards of   Solid Wastes: Ibadan North as case study. Journal of Civil Engineering Research and Practice 1(2): 17 - 26  Kenya.

4)  Franklin, S.O. and Ayininuola, G.M. (2006): Development of stability charts for        homogeneous sloped soil. Botswana Journal of Technology, University of Botswana 15 (2):  5 - 14  Botswana.

5) Ayininuola, G.M. and Muibi, M.A. (2008): An engineering approach to solid waste collection  System: Ibadan North as case study. Waste Management, Elsevier Ltd,  28, 1681 ? 1687. USA.

6) Ayininuola, G.M. and Franklin, S.O. (2008): Water pressure forces effect on earth       embankments stability. Global Journal of Engineering and Technology, Global Research Pub.,

 1(2): 169 ? 188 India.

7)  Ayininuola, G.M. (2004): Minimisation software for earth embankment stability analysis.

Technical paper submitted to The Council of Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria                  (COREN)  Nigeria

8)  Ayininuola, G.M. (2009) Variability in geochemical properties of termitaria: University of Ibadan case study.  Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, 10 (1): 567 ? 572. USA.

9) Ayininuola, G.M., Agbede, O.A. and Franklin, S.O. (2009) Influence of calcium sulphate on subsoil cohesion and angle of friction.  Journal of Applied Sciences Research, INsinet Pub. 5(2): 297 ? 304. Pakistan.

10) Ayininuola, G.M. and Agbede, O.A. (2009) Influence of sodium chloride on subgrade soil California bearing ratio.  Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, 10 (1): 573 - 580. USA.


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